Pucado – Vanity (Prod. LeriQ)


I’m still stuck on that “Ukwu Nka” video by Aristokrat Records act Pucado. If you haven’t seen it yet, believe me, you’re missing out. Bump his new joint “Vanity”.

“Fresh off the release of his highly controversial video for Ukwu Nka, Pucado is back again with a Brand new single. This time he delves deeper into the indigenous side of his repertoire with help of the Masterful musical composition done by none other but Aristokrat In-house Super Producer LeriQ.

Vanity touches a topic we are all familiar with and guilty of. Pucado uses the story of a young lady who leaves her hometown for the big city in search of greener pastures through any means necessary to remind us that in the pursuit of Fame and fortune forgetting who you are, where you are from, or what you stand for equates to the worthlessness of that Fame or Fortune when you achieve it.

Download listen and share.”


Pucado Vanity Art

Produced by LeriQ [DOWNLOAD]


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