Forbes ‘The World’s Most Powerful Celebrity’ 2013 List


Rihanna In Concert In Montpellier

Measuring a public figure’s fame, wealth and influence- Forbes ‘Most Powerful Celebrity List’ is a mammoth-sized deal. Forbes has unveils this year’s list and sees media queen Oprah Winfrey re-claim her throne as well as pop titans Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga faring well. Check out the entire list below:


7. Bon Jovi

8. Roger Federer

9. Justin Bieber

10. Ellen DeGeneres


14. Coldplay

15. Tiger Woods

16. LeBron James

17. Simon Cowell

18. Katy Perry

19. David Beckham

20. Robert Downey, Jr.

21. Leonardo DiCaprio

22. Tyler Perry

23. Channing Tatum

24. Kobe Bryant

25. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

26. Ryan Seacrest

27. Tom Cruise

28. Mark Wahlberg

29. Seth MacFarlane

30. Donald Trump

31. Christiano Ronaldo

32. Jay-Z

33. Dr. Phil McGraw

34. Glenn Beck

35. Will Smith

36. Ben Affleck

37. Rush Limbaugh

38. David Letterman

39. Lionel Messi

40. Adam Sandler

41. Angelina Jolie

42. E.L. James

43. Toby Keith

44. James Patterson

45. Howard Stern

46. Carrie Underwood

47. Kenny Chesney

48. Usian Bolt

49. Jennifer Lawerence

50. Drew Brees

51. Rafael Nadal

52. Phil Mickelson

53. Aston Kutcher

54. Sofia Vergara

55. Peter Jackson

56. Serena Williams

57. Jon Stewart

58. Jerry Bruckhemier

59. Kanye West

Want the full list? CLICK HERE


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