10 Reasons why You Should Donate & Help OJB Jezreel



If you haven’t been aware already, veteran producer OJB Jezreel has been suffering from a kidney ailment for a while, so much so that he now requires a kidney transplant. For those that are not familiar with Kidney ailments, it’s one of the worst things that can happen to your body. Your body cannot properly expel wastes and these wastes stay in your body thereby reducing your immune function and making you prone to other diseases.

Now that’s sad, but what’s even sadder is that the procedure is beyond his financial reach (16 million naira approx $100,000.00), and he has taken to twitter and social media for fans to help donate for this procedure. With all the ‘friends’ in the industry that he probably has I’m shocked no one or group has taken it upon themselves to cover this bill even as a loan. Really it isn’t too large of an amount if people chip in.

Anyways, that’s besides the point. We here today to give you 10 reasons why you should donate & help save OJB Jezreel.

10. Because He Produced 2face – African Queen. The is the defining love song of our generation, and if you love this song, then you can’t let OJB go out like that.

9. Because He needs our help. You know it has to have gotten desperate, if OJB took his appeal to the fans. As embarrassing as it probably is for him, the best we can do it show out support.

8. Because it’s your opportunity to make an impact of someone’s life. Even if the person doesn’t actually know you.

7. Because no amount is too small. Like someone said on twitter, if 100,000 people donate 160 naira, it will go somewhere.

6. Because someone you know or maybe you one day will need help in the future, and one good deed deserves another.

5. Because you’ll be making something positive happen in Nigeria this year. Wont it be a great story at the end of the year if OJB makes it and has his fans primarily to thank?

4. Because he produced some of the songs you have your best memories of. All those jamz you were dancing to back then that OJB produced. He gave you something that is priceless – Joy & Happiness. A little donation can give him life.

3. You will feel better. Believe me there’s few things better than helping someone out. Especially one you don’t know personally. The feeling that you’ve helped someone is just unexplainable.

2. Because we have, and so should you.

1. Because you can. I can explain all the reason as I have above, but finally, donate just because you can.


Donation info: BABATUNDE OKUNGBOWA | UBA | Account number: 1015075120


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