Adverse Effects of The Bath with Warm Water


Number of activities in a day, often will make the body feel too tired at night. Bathe with warm water will relax muscles, relieve stress and cope with insomsia. This is because the warm water does have benefits for muscle relaxation and mind, and treat insomnia. But when it’s done every day and excessive, and there is impact.

In accordance with the BBC and babycenter alert, here are some bad effects if too frequent bathing with warm water:

1. Pores enlarge
To clean the face of dirt and oil, warm bath can indeed help. But if they do not close the activities of a warm bath with cold water, then skin pores will open and getting wider, leading to easy formation of acne.

2. Lowered sperm quality
Bath or shower with warm water is not good for the testes. Based on research in 2007, soak for 30 minutes in warm or hot tub water can reduce sperm production. But this negative effect is reversible (can change).

Exposure warm or hot water can negatively affect sperm because it makes the sperm takes a long time to mature. The best known of sperm development in cold environments, this is why the testes are located outside the human body, namely in the scrotum.

3. Fetal harm
Warm water bath is actually not a problem for mothers who are pregnant, but keep in mind is the temperature. When the water temperature is too high then the activity could harm the baby shower. High temperatures, especially in thethe beginning of of pregnancy can cause birth defects in offspring born .


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